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Timeshare Information Bureau is an independent advisory company that helps timeshare owners clearly understand their current options, depending on their individual situations.

The majority of our enquiries are driven by our online marketing programs and UK media advertisements. We also receive lots of enquiries by word of mouth recommendations and direct client referrals.

We are NOT solicitors and will not give you any legal advice. We are timeshare contract specialists and operate with an exclusive network of adept solicitors, barristers, contract lawyers and paralegal firms. We only use the most qualified specialist depending on your individual case and claim.

Please complete our online contact form below and a member of our team will review your enquiry.


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Documents required:

1. Spanish Court Claims

  • Copies of Purchase Agreement/s
  • Copies of Membership Certificate/s

2. Consumer Credit Claims - (compensation claims)

  • Copies of ALL documentation (e.g. Contract and Terms and Conditions for Timeshare Product(s), Copy of Credit Card Statement regarding initial deposit or full payment on Credit Card, Bank Statement for balance paid or all payments made via bank)
  • For Section 75 a Credit Card must have been used (at least for the initial deposit, with a minimum of £100 spent, but no more than £30,000)
  • It must be within 6 years of when the client would have reasonably have known there had been a breach of contract. If a verbal misrepresentation was made to the client at the point of sale, such as "the client can rent out their weeks after 2 years", then the limitation period may instead be nearer 8 years from when the Timeshare product was purchased because it would not have been until 2 years after purchase that the client would have known of the breach of contract.

3. Relinquishments

  • Copies of the Purchase Agreement and Membership Certificates are required.