TSIB helps clients understand the most current regulations within timeshare industry also including points/holiday ownership/holiday packs/ holiday clubs or fractional ownership.

Are you unsure where to turn?

  • We understand that some timeshare products are attached to high ongoing annual maintenance fees which keep rising causing financial difficulties for the owners.
  • We know that owners can't book the holidays they want to, at the times they want to, to the destinations they want to travel to.
  • Passing on a timeshare to a family member after death is a financial burden when taking into consideration the rising annual costs and lack of availability when say, compared to a high street Travel agent

We specialise in helping those who have been taken advantage of, lied to or those who have been mis-sold in some instances.

We can help you with 3 main services and we offer professional guidance throughout the claims process.

  1. Full Relinquishment of your timeshare/ points/holiday ownership/holiday packs/ holiday clubs or fractional ownership giving a fully legal exit from any Timeshare.
  2. We exercise your rights under the Credit Consumer Act 1974 and direct our solicitors on your behalf to action a claim for all monies to be returned back to you.

We can recommend for you a No win No fee service in some instances, giving you the peace of mind that you won't be entering into any further financial commitment to exit your product. By not having any financial risk to yourself we have opened this legal channel to many customers who don't want to commit further or just simply cannot afford massive upfront legal fees.

TSIB prides itself on returning your money back to you. We are delivering to our clients a Promise that guarantees you cannot be left out of pocket thus building trust between us and you.

Need intelligent, impartial and independent advice?

Timeshare Information Bureau is an independent advisory company that helps timeshare owners clearly understand their current options, depending on their individual situations.